This is an excerpt from an article about the film industry here in Cleveland, OH as featured in the Cleveland Magazine. They interviewed a handful of us from the area, and asked us to speak about our respective craft. For the most part, the interview was me explaining at great length what the difference is between a Gaffer, Key Grip, Director of Photography, and Cinematographer. Most of the relevant material was lost in translation, so what remains is a little silly. But it was cool being featured in an article by the Cleveland Magazine. 

Aside from myself the story featured Rick Fike - Stunt and Special Effects Coordinator; Location Manager Bill Garvey; Jennifer Klide - Production Designer; and Adam White of Hemlock Films - Director/Cinematographer, and Aviation Filmmaker.  Click HERE to read the full article. 

I will let you in on a secret though - I am a terrible violin player. I use it to record specific passages of music that cannot be achieved with samples. I brainstorm with it. I'll sit there playing it over and over till I get it to sound decent. Then it gets looped and layered into the track to make it sound like a realistic performance. Examples of this can be heard in the score that I did for the feature film Parallel. No live performance from me ever though. I would definitely get kicked off of a stage.