Camera Equipment

Here's a list of the camera equipment I provide when shooting. Based on the specific needs of the project, I do sub-rent other camera systems from time-to-time. If you are interested in renting any of the equipment for your own use, please send me a request from the CONNECT page. A valid COI is required for all rentals.


camera bodies

spherical lenses

Zoom Lenses

Angeniuex 20-120 T2.9 - PL Mount

Cine-Mod 0.8 pitch geared - Canon EF mount
Canon 16-35mm Lii f2.8 - Canon EF mount
Canon 24-70mm L f2.8i - Canon EF mount
Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 - Canon EF mount

Cine Prime Lenses - 0.8 pitch geared (Canon EF mount)
8mm T3.8 manual aperture
14mm T3.1 manual aperture
16mm T2.2 manual aperture
24mm T1.5 manual aperture
35mm T1.5 manual aperture
40mm f2.8 fbw
50mm T1.5 manual aperture
85mm T1.5 manual aperture
100mm f2.8 macro 1:1
135mm f2.2 manual aperture
500mm f6.5 mirror lens
800mm f8 mirror lens

Vintage Lenses - Canon EF Mount
28mm f2.8 Soligor
37mm f2.8 Mir 1B
50mm 1.8 Helios 77M
58mm f2.0 Helios 44M
85mm f2.0 Jupiter-9
135mm f2.8 Pentacon
200mm f4.0 Jupiter 21M

55mm f1.8 Petri CC auto


anamorphic lenses

Custom set of prime lenses assembled for heavy flaring characteristics and signature anamorphic distortion.



24.5mm T2.1 Elite 2X

35mm T1.6 Cineovision 2X

50mm T2.8 Lomo Square-front 2X - w/complete diopter set

75mm T2.4 Lomo Round-front 2X

100mm T3.1 Lomo Round-front 2X

150mm T3.8 Lomo Round-front 2X


camera support

Sachtler Video20 tripod w / carbon fiber sticks

Vinten 100mm tripod w / aluminum sticks

Matthews Mitchel Bazooka - bazooka base mount for doorway dolly


camera accessories

(2) Zacuto DSLR baseplate
ARRI Mini 15mm Baseplate
Gini DSLR baseplate
ABS 15mm cage w/carbon fiber rods
15mm rods and various cages for any configuraon (Zacuto, Carbon Fiber, Basic Alum)
15mm 90 degree adapter x 6
15mm railblock mounted cheese-plate w/ 1/4-20 threads x 2
15mm Zacuto Railblock w/ 5“ Noga Arm
15mm Zacuto Railblock w/ 10“ Noga Arm
15mm Swivel Gini Noga Arm
ManfroBo 501 QR base and plates

Dumb Slate & Mouse
Soft T Markers (red, yellow, black) x 6 total
Dry Erase
Lens Cloth, Brushes, Air Duster, Cleaning Solution
1/4-20 & 3/8-16 camera plate screws

Hand-held Support
Zacuto Adjustable Hand-grips w/15mm, 90 degree adapters x 4
Rail-block 15/19mm Swivel Hand-grips
Single Rail-block Shoulder Pad
Arched Shoulder Support (w/collapsible/removable Chest Plate)

Matte Box
ARRI Swing Away 15mm, 2 stage 4x5.65, 1 4x4 stage, with 138mm bellows
(swing arm modified to work only with the Zacuto DSLR baseplate)
Mini 4x4, 2 Stage 15mm Matte Box with Eyebrow

Filters 4x4
Tiffen Diffusion FX 1/8
Low Contrast Filter

Filters 4x5.65
ND .3 - ND .6 - ND .9
ND Grad .3 - ND Grad .6 - ND Grad .9
Skin Tone Enhancer
Soft FX 1/4
Soft FX Bronze
Cool Blue 1/2
Deep Blue (day for night)
OPTFX Blue Anamorphic Filter (streak)

Filters Schneider 138mm
Circular Pola
Split Diopter 1/2
Split Diopter 1
Split Diopter 2

Filters Tiffen 138mm

+1/2 Diopter Full

+1 Diopter Full

+2 Diopter Full

Follow Focus
Petrov 0.8 pitch (reversible wheel) Speed Crank & Whip
Gini 0.8 pitch (large wheel-all aluminum)
RT Moon Remote Follow Focus 0.8 pitch (12v, 4 pin lemo XLR to D-Tap)



Marshall V-LCD70MD - HDMI & HD/SDI (NP battery)
Alphatron EVF - HDMI & HD/SDI conversion (NP battery)
Small HD DP6 (LPE6 or D Tap)
Zacuto EVF (LPE6 battery)
Marshall 17" client monitor

LPE6 x 12 (3 chargers)
B4B Anton Bauer Gold 150wh lithium x 2
B4B Anton Bauer Gold 90wh lithium x 2