Stills | Frame Grabs

A collection of stills and frame-grabs from various projects. Documentary | still-life, commercial, narrative | feature film, music video, brand films, and corporate | industrial work. Click any of the images below to open a slideshow. To view my portraiture and other still photography, please click HERE.

Director of Photography | Cinematographer | Still Photographer: Keith Nickoson


LeBron James | Cleveland Cavaliers

Here are some frame grabs from the Cleveland Cavaliers intro video, where I served as Director of Photography. This was a really fun shoot with LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and the rest of the starting roster that year. It was quite an experience to shoot the classic chalk-toss performed by Lebron James - captured on the RED Dragon. Wonderful VFX and post as always from Think Media. Many thanks to Geoff Yaw and Caleb Crossen, and camera operator Justin Russell for making this one truly special. Click here to see the final video!

Production Company: Think Media Studios | Director: Geoff Yaw | Director of Photography: Keith Nickoson


Troy Bilt | Brand Essence

Another sweet collaboration with director Geoff Yaw. Below are just a few of the frame grabs from the Troy built brand video. Check out the finished video here.

Production Company: Think Media Studios | Director: Geoff Yaw | Director of Photography: Keith Nickoson


Contributing Cinematographer | Director of Photography

Director of Photography | Cinematographer | Videographer: Keith Nickoson

I’ve had the honor of working on some projects where multiple DP’s contributed to the final result. I chose not to put them in the main gallery, but below are a few commercials / trailers where my work stood along side some other great DP’s and directors, including: Caleb Crossen & Geoff Yaw of Think Media Studios, Russell Lee of Russell Lee Photo, Kevin Kerwin of Authentic Films, and Jon LaGuardia of Fusion Filmworks. Many thanks for trusting me to add to, or help complete the vision.


Feature Films | Narrative

Director of Photography | Cinematographer: Keith Nickoson

Below are a few films where I served as the Director of Photography | Cinematographer. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you have a narrative project or feature film you’re considering and need some guidance.

Throughout the years I had the great privilege to work with Academy Award winning Cinematographers (Jack Green, Philippe Rousselot), legendary Directors (Ivan Reitman, Denzel Washington, Joe & Anthony Russo), and some killer Hollywood G&E crews that did movies such as Titanic, The Patriot, Twister, Unforgiven, The Goonies, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator 2 . . . quite literally the best groups of professionals in the world. These experiences were a direct influence as I developed my aesthetic as a shooter. It’s where I learned the intricacies of working with film crews (including celebrities), blocking for camera, lighting, exposure, camera movement - but more importantly, understanding how all these pieces fit together at the highest level while remaining creatively focused and extremely efficient.

I’ve highlighted several films below where I served as either a Grip, Rigging Grip, Dolly Grip, or Key Grip. You can see the complete list of projects and shows here on IMDB. The amazing people I’ve worked with over the years are too numerous to name, but please scroll to the bottom of the page for some select special thanks.


Past Work | Director of Photography

Director of Photography | Cinematographer | Videographer: Keith Nickoson

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far down the page! Below are a handful of projects that I’ve retired from the main gallery, but thought I’d keep them on my site to help illustrate my continued path as a cameraman. Thanks so much for your interest.

Special Thanks

No one gets to where they are without help, or without some knowledge that’s been passed down in good faith. I believe in credit, always, where credit is due. With respect to my past work in the world of feature films and all of the people I’ve worked with, there are a few folks I’d like to personally acknowledge for helping me move forward. People who gave me a chance to prove myself in the realm of Grip & Electric: The wonderful and talented Kevin Hines for letting me grip on his film Master Criminal. That was my first feature ever and one I’ll never forget. My man, Kenny McCahan (um, Kenny worked on The Deer Hunter . . . just saying), and old-school BA Pete Lambros for putting me on a low budget gangster film (Turn of Faith) and helping me join the union (I.A.T.S.E. Local 209) because I volunteered on shoots and bugged them incessantly! Dear friend and OG Cleveland Cinematographer David Litz for not only putting me on the commercial map, but also giving me my first short film as a Key Grip. John Turk, for being a brother and the closet friend through life - and through all of the many, many shows we did together. And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to give special thanks to long-time friend, mentor, and Key Grip Dan Jarrell for providing me the opportunity to grow and excel as a professional. Dan brought me into the Grip Department of more than half of the films I did. In particular, the bigger budget films. None of these experiences are lost on me, so thank you all.