My father traveled quite a bit for work when I was young. While on the road, one of his nightly phone calls home revealed a wonderful fact - he bought a video camera for the family to make home movies with. I was fourteen and had never touched a video camera in my life, but I knew that when he got home with it ... we were making a Ninja movie.

The plot involved a Ninja (played by me) giving a classy weapons demonstration, then another Ninja (my eleven year old brother Doug) sneaking into a house and offing two unsuspecting victims. The set was my home. The weapons were made of wood and plastic. The format was VHS. We cut in the camera. We held a Nintendo Game Boy up to the camera mic so we had a musical score. Looking back, the end result was terrible, but it was definitely the birth of my passion.

I have been in the business of camera, grip, and electric professionally for over fifteen years now. I no longer shoot on VHS. If that's okay, feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting the site.

                                                                                                          - Keith