Flyer post, modified carbon fiber mast (15mm-60mm spread cage),
15mm-60mm spread carbon fiber aux beneath top stage, Dual AB Gold mount.
Kenyon KS6 Gyroscopes x 2
Mitchell Hard Mount
Low Mode Cage

Gimbal - DJI Ronin 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer

Camera Crane
18‘ (nose to tail) Camera Crane
Remote Hothead (configured in under-slung or over-slung positions)
Crane can also operate in 8 or 12 foot mode as a jib with standard operating head
Crane can be mounted to Dolly for compound moves

Doorway Dolly (rigging model)
All aluminum and stainless steel construction. Geared steering. Laser pointer for marks included in rental.
Mitchell Bazooka with 100mm ball adapter (configured for doorway dolly)
Skateboard Trough Wheels for standard 24.5“ center track. Set of 2.
8‘ Matthews Folding Dolly Track x 5
4‘ Matthews Folding Dolly Track x 1
(total track length combined creates a 44‘ move)
Wedges, Cribbing, and Level

Camera Slider
Speedrail Based Slider, all aluminum and stainless steel construction
8 skateboard wheels in a cage configuration capture the sled to the speedrail.
Slider is configured in a fixed 5‘ length.
Included in rental:
Accessory pouch with tools, stubby tie-down for tripod head, adapter rings