Film Composer | Sound Designer | Sound Engineer | Post - Production Sound


When I was a kid, I would get vinyl movie scores from the public library. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Return of the Jedi, Jaws - that kind of stuff. We owned the score for the original Star Wars (I still have the vinyl lp) - these were exciting sounds to me. Listening to the score without the image was a way to relive, or recreate the feeling of the film. It was a very memorable part of my youth.

Performing and writing music started early on in my life as well. We had an ancient Lowrey, two-manual tube organ in our living room. I used it to mimic video game and movie music, then make my own variants. I played the trumpet from age 11 through 16. Did the whole marching band / orchestra thing and some solo & ensemble competitions. Then came guitar and piano in my late teens. I was always bad at playing other peoples music though, and I definitely didn't want to be in a band. I wanted to create exciting sounds like the ones in my memories. Becoming a small version of a film composer was a mixture of all of these things.

In 2008 I was awarded a regional Emmy for the score I created for a documentary about the Tuskegee Airmen called: Red Tail Reborn, directed by Adam White of Hemlock Films. That was a pretty cool thing for a kid from Parma.

Music is still a passion, but it has definitely become a side career to being a shooter. I will take on a project if it feels like something that could be special.

The windows below contain tracks of mine from various past projects. This includes a solo musical endeavor called IMPERTHEAN, which is a mash-up of metal & electronic sounds - and some loud annoying vocals.