When Polaroid stopped manufacturing their film, the last lot had an expiration date of 2009. The first two rows of Polaroid photographs are from one of the last usable cartridges that would ever exist with their original formula. As well as the color rendition being compromised, when the chemicals contained in the lower portion of a Polaroid photo dry out past their expiration date, the rollers in the camera itself fail to evenly spread the hardened developer across the image plate - leaving the blank spots you see above. The pictures were taken in the summer of 2017.

The last two rows of pictures were taken with some of the Impossible Project’s first film cartridges that were only a year or two expired from the date I took the pictures. I purposely bought them expired hoping to re-create the destroyed effect of the original Polaroid formula. That film, however, does not keep as long as the factory integral Polaroid 600. I’ve included the Polaroids on here anyhow, as I like the idea of the image that never was - still struggling to reveal itself somewhere in the emulsion.

Polaroid photos taken by Cinematographer | Director of Photography | Still Photographer: Keith Nickoson